The Sins of Our Forefathers

Death abroad in Torkertown

We took the moor road to Torkertown, past an old abandoned shack. We reached town late in the day, as a funeral was being conducted. There were signs of several more recent funerals.
The innkeeper swore it was not black death, bloody flux or any disease, but a series of unfortunate deaths. We decided to stay and see what was happening.
We also saw a lady dressed in black selling her household possessions. Anna tried to talk to her, but was rebuffed.

The evening was spent in the Inn, with beer and good stories, I’m sure the others talked to people and found things out. I think Anna and Maribel went out during the evening, I’m not sure where.

In the morning I hear tails of four recent deaths, a dead man who had lost a fortune, a lady selling up due to the lost fortune and Anna and Maribel wandering the town at night.

I hear there is a blacksmith in town, time to work on a new gun.

Nycholas Grimbald


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